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    Using a Trellis Chart

    Mike Welham

      I'm trying to use a Trellis chart, but it's not showing what I want.

      I have 2 dimensions: Sales Area; Customer, and 1 measure of Sale Volume.

      I want to show a separate Trellis chart (with a horizontal bar chart format) for each Sales Area and within each chart, the top 10 customers by Sales Volume for each individual Sales Area. The customers are different in each Sales Area

      I have the dimensions as Sales Area, Customer
      The expression is sum([Sales Volume])
      The sort order is:
      - Site by Text in ascending order
      - Customer by expression of sum([Sales Volume]) in descending order

      I have set the Max Visible Number for the Customer dimension to 10.

      I am getting a separate chart for each Sales Area, but each chart lists the top 10 customers across all the sites (i.e. the same 10 on each chart), and 10 bars that are distributed across the different charts depending on which sales area each of the 10 customers belongs to. What I want is the top 10 customers for each sales area being displayed in their respective charts (i.e. if there were 4 Sales Areas, you'd see 40 different customers).

      What am i doing wrong or is what I want not possible?