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    Gantt Extension Row Limit?

      Hi all,


      I'm sure this isn't a very well supported question as it's dealing with an extension, but I though maybe someone else has come across this.


      I'm using QV10 and the Gantt extension successfully and I've gone so far as to tweak the script.js file a bit to format things more to my liking.  Now I seem to be running into an issue where a chart will only show about 39 rows (or gantt bars).  It doesn't error, it just seems to stop at 39.  I've ruled out data issues and special characters and there are more than 60 rows of data in the app.


      I can't find any configurable limits in the script.js file, so I'm figuring that it may actually be a hard coded limitation in the .swf file that renders the graph.


      Anyone hit this problem?


      And let me be the millionth person to say, adding a fully supported gantt capability so I can stop using this extension (and AJAX) would be an excellent addition...