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    QlikOcx.ocx: UserName and Password


      i have a problem opening .qvw files with QlikOcx

      I am using QlikView 10 SR4 32bit desktop with regular license, registered the ocx found in QvPlugin subdiretory, WinXP, Visual Studio 2008 (VisualBasic), and a .qvw file local on my machine, the .qvw file has a Section Access defining name and passwords for users who can open the document

      The problem: my application can't successfully pass username e password to the Ocx


      I tried passing user&pwd in the same statement used for opening the document:


              QlikOcx.OpenDocument(DocPath, myusername, mypassword) 


      or setting user&pwd in the OCX before opening the document


              QlikOcx.UserName = myusername

              QlikOcx.Password = mypassword



      but the result is the same: when the application tries to open the .qvw file, a dialog appears asking for username e password, which must be entered manually

      I tried QlikView 11 and Borland Delphi also, always the same

      But if i modify the Section Access in order to grant the current windows user opening the document without entering username e password, only in this case the OCX is able to open the document without the login dialog and everything works ok

      Any idea?


      Thankyou for your answers

        • QlikOcx.ocx: UserName and Password

          I am using QV 10 SR3, VS 2010. I use the call

               QlikOcx.OpenDocument(DocPath, myusername, mypassword)


          I find that if either the name or password are not correct ... then it asks for both.


          Do you have case sensitive name/pswd?


          Try using a notepad document that has the name/password and do copy/paste from the notepad to the dialog to make sure these are the correct name/pswd. Then copy/paste these values into your OpenDocument call. I've had some "fat finger" problems in the past that were resolved using a notepad ...