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    I need assistance regarding Section Access security

    Bob Libby

      I'm trying to get a handle on how section access security works. In the below scenario I'm trying to give user D access to all of profit center 1000 and only CUSTF in profit center 1010.


      What I expect is user D to have access to CUST A, B, C and F in profit center 1000 plus CUSTF in profit center 1010.


      What it does is only grant access to user D to CUSTF in 1000 and 1010 plus... CUSTE in 1010? I never associate user D with CUSTE in the script.


      Below it the script and attached is the qvw file.


      I'm looking for any help or insight as to what's going on.


      Thank You,



      SET ThousandSep=',';

      SET DecimalSep='.';

      SET MoneyThousandSep=',';

      SET MoneyDecimalSep='.';

      SET MoneyFormat='$#,##0.00;($#,##0.00)';

      SET TimeFormat='h:mm:ss TT';

      SET DateFormat='M/D/YYYY';

      SET TimestampFormat='M/D/YYYY h:mm:ss[.fff] TT';

      SET MonthNames='Jan;Feb;Mar;Apr;May;Jun;Jul;Aug;Sep;Oct;Nov;Dec';

      SET DayNames='Mon;Tue;Wed;Thu;Fri;Sat;Sun';

      Star is *;


      Section Access;

      LOAD * Inline [


      ADMIN,      ADMIN,

      USER,       A,          ,           1000

      USER,       B,          ,           1010

      USER,       C,          ,           *,          CUSTE

      USER,       C,          ,           *,          CUSTF

      USER,       D,          ,           1000,       *

      USER,       D,          ,           1010,       CUSTF



      SECTION Application;

      LOAD * INLINE [

          PROFCTR,      CUST, Sales

          1000,         CUSTA,      100

          1000,         CUSTB,      50

          1000,         CUSTC,      150

          1010,         CUSTD,      200

          1010,         CUSTE,      250

          1000,         CUSTF,      250

          1010,         CUSTF,      50