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    Problem uploading chart from excel 2010

      I'm having problems loading certain excel files to Qlikview. Once I complete the process the are no fields charged so I can't work with the file. I've done it with certain excel files but can't do it with others (same excel version) and, apparently, same chart organization. I don't know if it's a matter of the excel chart format or if there are formulas which become imcompatible with Qlikview.


      At the end of the process I get o fileds available to be chosen. Is there any gook link which can guide me through the method to load excel files?


      Thanks for your help.




        • Problem uploading chart from excel 2010
          Gautam Parab

          I suspect you are missing some variables in the extract script.

          I would recommend going through the wizard for each excel file thats causing the problem just to test.


          Pointing out the important parameters: you need to make sure the table is mentioned correctly:

          (ooxml, no labels, table is Sheet1);

          Also, make sure excel versions is exactly the same.

          P.s. .xls uses biff whereas .xlsx uses ooxml, You cannot load an xls file with the ooxml addition, similarly, you cannot load an xlsx file with the addition biff.


          Hope this helps.

            • Problem uploading chart from excel 2010



              Thanks a lot for your help. I've used the wizard with the problematic files, checked the ooxml vs. biff issue (it's OK). But the problem is still there. The wizard seems to recognize the chart with no problem, allows chosing the lable (i¡ve tried both with and without embedded labels), etc. (see detail below). Once I finish the process and start designing the file, the fileds are just empty, no data, no labels, nothing. I've tried to copy and paste the data of the excel file on a new excel file and sometimes it has worked fine but stil can't make it work with the original file wich has the same data and format.


              Thanks again,





              LOAD Accionista,






                   [Compra o Venta],





                   [Valor de Compra],


                   [Dividendo 2010],








              (biff, embedded labels, table is [Detalle de operaciones$]);