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    Extensions and Workbench



      i want to try out Extensions. An Extensions have a Definition.xml, Javasript.js, Properties.qvpp, Picutre.png File.

      So i read that i can create extensions  in a normal editor like notepad ++ or in the workbench integrated in microsoft visual web  developer 2010 express. but visual studio helps me to create for examle websites with qlikview.  where is in the visual studio the benefit to create extension? in the toolbox i only have a a pointer and a qvobject.  is the benefit that the Properties.qvpp-file will be generated in visual studio?  or have i create the Properties.qvpp-file (it describes the chart or am i wrong?) without an special tool?thanks for your answer!

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          Dan English

          Hi aylinbisiren,


          The value add from usring QlikView Workbench through Visual Studio comes when you go File | New Project in Visual Studio and choose the "QlikView Extension" project template (either the C# verion or the Visual Basic version).


          The V11 project templae provides all sorts of cool functionality (it was there in v10, but dramatically improved for V11).


          You can define your objects dimensions and expressions and other properties without needing to hand edit Properties.qvpp, for example (for advanced customizations you still may need to hand edit).


          You can also pack and publish your etensions to both the desktop and the server from right in Visual Studio too.


          The template itself contains lots of helpful pointers, but also be sure to check out of the full Workbench Reference Manual.