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    Not Authenticating when run via the AccessPoint

    Aaron Chandler-Worth

      I have a simple test load script that creates basic section access (shown below) and then pulls a basic location table from a database (not shown).

      When I open the dashboard through qlikview desktop, it performs as I would expect it to - asking for only a USERID.  However, when I load this same .qvw on Qlikview Server and try to access it via the AccessPoint, it asks for a USERID and PASSWORD and nothing I enter works. 


      FYI: The goal is to change USERID to NTNAME, but that was causing the same problem so I tried to simplify it to this but am getting the same result.


      Any thoughts?


      SECTION Access;


      LOAD * INLINE [


          ADMIN, ADMIN, *

          ADMIN, Test, Stamford

          ADMIN, Test, Cambridge



      UPDATE:  Now I get this error.

      See Image