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    Pivot Table Subtotal

    Larry Mize

      Attached is a simple pivot table....


      Actual Billing      sum(Actual Billing)


      Base Billing         sum(Base Billing)


      Why would actual billing total and base billing does not?


      Any help would be appreciated....



        • Re: Pivot Table Subtotal
          Stefan Wühl

          A pivot table total is evaluated as expression total (like in a text box). It is not a sum of rows and you can't choose from the total mode options that are enabled in straight table only.


          I assume your base billing values have a different / unlinked relation to your dimension values than your Actuals, so you get a total in all lines. If you want to use a sum-of-rows also for a pivot table total, check out the chapter in the Help, it's explaining of how you can do this using advanced aggregation.


          It will look like:


          = sum( aggr( sum( [Base Billing]), [End Date]) )


          Hope this helps,