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    Releasing Named User Cals

    John Anderson



      we have a limited number of Named User Cals (80) and a much larger base of users (500) who use the reports on an adhoc basis.


      Because the Named User Cals allocate on a first come first served basis, we eventually run out of available licenses.


      Qlikview's response to this is - 'buy more licenses'.  But we can't afford to, so we go into the QMC every couple of days and delete Named User allocations.  This is very tedious and I have raised this with our local support in Australia but never hear anything back.


      I understand that Qlikview don't want to make it too easier to release licenses as this might affect their sales, but the bottom line is that my business can't afford any further contribution to Qlikview at this time and are actually looking at scaling back some of the Session Cals to save on maintenance costs.


      My question to you is this: Do you have the same problem, if so, what do you do about it that is different from the way I do it?  ie: I scroll down every one of my 80 allocated licenses and click the X then hit the apply button.  Then deselect those that are left to take them out of quarantine.


      Ideally I am looking for an elegant solution that uses API's or other programming methods.  But I'm interested to hear from anyone who has a similar issue.




      John Anderson.