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    Powertools: QV User Manager - not producing output

    John Anderson



      I have changed the config file to reflect our Qlikview server name.


      When I run this exe i get a different result depending on how I run it.


      from the CMD: I get the error message: 'Authorization failed for user 2SALPR-QVIEW01\QVXS, required access level is QlikViewManagementAPI"


      The user 2SALPR-QVIEW01\QVXS is local admin on the qlikview server.   I have gone to properties for 'qv-user-manager.exe' and checked the option to 'allow non admin users to run' but this makes no difference.


      Option 2: I use the examples and place the Execute in a QVW file.  I get a security error when loading that says I need to set an Execute switch, but it doesn't tell me where.  So I ignore this and it produces a file called Cals.csv.  but the file has zero records.


      I am running QV version 10 SR3.


      Any help with this would be appreciated.


      thank you.