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    Section access - table missing with plugin

      Hi all,


      I have an strange behaviour with a QV document that has section access. It works different using the desktop client or the IEPlugin.


      There is a USERS table in the section access that contains users and a field call IDACCESS

      Then there is a Fact table that has the field IDACCESS and a field IdCountry

      Finally there is a table DimCountry that has IdCountry and Country.


      If I open the QV document after distribution via publisher with the QV Desktop, I can see all the data.

      However, when I open the same document with the accesspoint using the IEplugin, I build a Table Box with the data of the DimCountry and I cannot see any data. The table box appears with a large cross and the green botton of refresh.


      Anybody has similar problems?


      We have QV Server 10 SR3


      Kind regards,