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    Qlikview manipulates data when reading from DB

    Andreas Karlsson

      Hi folks,

      When we read data from an Oracle DB with an ODBC there is one field (the IDNR which is a VARCHAR2) in one row of the data that gets erroneous.


      It has IDNR= 1022795 in the database but is given the value IDNR= 01022795 if another post with IDNR= 01022795 is included in the dataset.


      Included is a testapplication with two qvd's generated in different ways that shows the erroneous behaviour.


      The version is 9

      What is happening here?

      Attached is a qwv file and two qvd-files to show the "bug"



        • Qlikview manipulates data when reading from DB
          Andreas Karlsson


          Found out that this is a feature of Qlikview.

          A workaround is to read the specific column surrounded by text() like.


               text(IDNR) as IDNR,



          Kind of annoying since the table contains 40 columns and is read in a background qvw where new databases and tables to be fetched are added on the fly with configuration files. I don't know how to handle this, right now it is read in a separate qvw.


          Qliktech support says:

          The first row read from the table sets the type of the fields. (The type defined in the DB does not matter at all).

          If the first row in a varchar-column has only numbers the field will be encoded as a number field - that is way the leading 0 was dropped.


          If it was possible I would like a flag that could be set to true to force Qlikview to use the same types as defined in the DB-table.