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    Aggregation in pivot chart: summing parts on different levels



      Please have a look at the attachement (QV used: QV9SR4)


      My goal: to assign each date of sales in order.


           - Product AB1234, sold on 2/1/2011 should should be reconned as the first sale made on this product.

           - Product CD2468, sold on 4/4/2011 should be reconned as the third sale made on this product.

           - and so on: for each date there should be one "number" known.

      Eventually i would like to be able to sum all "first" sales of all products (this means AB1234-2/1/2011 + AB6789-1/1/2011 + CD2468-1/1/2011 + CD4567-4/4/2011 equals to 4569 + 254789 + 2578 + 41446) but also all second sales per product and so on.


      Any comments would be highly appreciated.


      Kind regards