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    Pivot Table - Running Total

      Hello everybody. I have a Pivot table with three dimensions and 3 expressions.



      1) Customer,

      2) Transaction Date,

      3) Transaction Document



      1) Value in orig.currency (column 1)

      2) value in local currency (column 2)

      3) Running total in local currency (column 3)


      For the RUNNING TOTAL I have implemented the following formula:


      if(rowno(total)=0,0,numsum(column(2),above(total column(3))))


      This is to share with you, and is working, could be used in accounting spreadheet simulation etc.


      Does anyone have a different approach how to achieve the same? Just taking info ;-)


      Best Regards,


        • Pivot Table - Running Total
          Vidyut Verma

          You could also try using RangeSum() Function to get the running total. Good work.

            • Pivot Table - Running Total

              Sure, and thanks, I haven't notice that.

              Anyway I had to provide this code to a friend running QV version 7.5 (don't ask, corporate policy). Also, I really don't undestand the differnce bewteen RangeSum() and NumSum(), the manual has exactly the same description, just saying that Numsum() is obsolete.

              What does obsolete mean, if it is still working?

              Anybody, QV transition/upgrade specialist, express your opinion ???




            • Re: Pivot Table - Running Total

              Gentlemen, sorry but i'm not fully understanding the logic of this formula.


              And i have an If question :

              Suppose i want to get only the running total of  value in local currency, without showing the values im running on, i e, i want only column 3.


              It really coulnd't be so complex to get a running total.


              Thanks in advance.