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    Script problem

      How to Map the 2 dates column to one column of the master calendar??????


      How to assgn the aggregated value of the column to the variable???????

        • Script problem
          Erich Shiino

          Hi, Manish05

          You can read your original table twice renaming the different date fields to the same date that you are going to use on your master calendar. Then, you can add a flag to identify each one of your original dates.


          In the example below I combined Date1 and Date2 in the same field Date and used FactType as a flag I can use latter on in set analys or as a selection field.





          Load Date1, Value, Date2

          from DataSource;



          Load Date1 as Date,

          '1' as FactType,


          Resident Original;



          Load Date2 as Date,

          '2' as FactType,


          Resident Original;


          drop table Original;



          Hope this helps,