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    Generate Static reports using qvw and http request

      Hi Guys,


      I have a customer which has QlikView Server SBE and some Named User CALs.


      The customer has several qvw documents.

      The most important users, consume information directly from QlikView models (mostly throw Access Point), but more and more medium level managers are requesting also to consume information (static reports) from QV models.


      Up to now, there was no problem retrieving those reports from QV models and sending them by email but, since the number of requests is increasing too fast, and there is no possibility to buy all needed licenses at the present time, our customer asks about implementing the solution below:


      Using a tab in an existing web application, some authorized users will send http requests specifying the reports needed (specific QlikView model, FromDate, ToDate, etc). The web application will launch the specific QV model using Command Line (qv.exe /r /v document.qvw).

      QlikView model will then output the report as csv file, to be later retrieved by the web application.


      Although those medium level managers won't get QlikView abilities, but at least will get the possibility to have some static reports ad hoc without being dependent on IT team response time…


      Is there any better, faster, cleaner and simple way to achieve the goal?

      Is there any related license issue to be taken in care?

      Is there any other recommendation?


      Thanks in advance,