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    Problem with calculation for SPC

    Jörg Nold



      I have to replace a SPC-analysis with Qlikview, which at the moment is implemented with Excel. But I can't get Qlikview to calculate upper and lower bounds as I want it, to show these bounds in a chart. For simplification I made an example with a "Straight"-Table, but I need it in a chart.

      1. Values are sorted in a defined manner.

      2. I have to calculate the difference between the actual row and the following row => no problem

      3. I need the average value of the column I've created under point 2 in further column => there is my problem.


      So in my attached example I need the calculated average from "Spannweite" in a column "Avg Spannweite", so I can make further calculations to get my upper and lower bounds.


      Qlikview Version: 11 with Update.


      I hope you understand my problem.


      Thanks in advance


      Kind regards

      Peter Hübschen