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    Need help to sort out a critical problem.

    sushil kumar

      Hi All,


      My Problem is:


      when i select a Measurement i need to provide Lower_limit and Upper_limit. According to these limits Reference unit are calculated (which is caculated in attached application).


      Now the above process is used for every Test and correspoding Measurements.


      so the first problem for me is: how do i save all reference units calculated for every Test and Measurement.


      second problem for me is: If i successfully got all reference units then i have to find out units_no which comes in all Reference units(for each Test and Measurement.).


      Please help me out to solve this problem. or any similar application for reference.


      [One idea i got is that if there is, if i can provide a button which allow user to copy the reference units (calculated for each measurement and test) in a separate table. when i copy all reference units then i could find out common reference unit. But i have no idea, how to copy reference unit in a separate table where measurements and test can vary in no]





        • Need help to sort out a critical problem.
          Juan Vitantonio

          Hi, I'd like to help you but really don't understand your problem. What's the difference between column Reference Unit and units_no? I always see the dame value.

          Also, you could you please explain step by step how this should work?

            • Need help to sort out a critical problem.
              sushil kumar



              This application is used to find out the celebration unit. A celebration units is the unit which passes all the test and measurement type. so for that various test are performed on a unit. for every test we got various measurement type and there value. Now we set lower and upper limit to pass a perticular measurement type. If the measurements offsetAverage value lies b/w lower and upper limits then that unit is considered as a pass and considered as a reference unit for that measurement type. 


              In the same way we need to find out the reference unit for all Tests and Measurements type. and the Reference unit which comes or common or pass in all test and measurement will be the celebration unit


              Let me give u an example:  suppose we performed certain  tests on unit no 121 and 122

              test "A" there are measurement type A1 and A2

              and for test B the measurement type B1 and B2


              we set limits for measurement A1 -0.5 to 0.5 Due to which unit 121 and 122 both passed, so both are taken in referenc unit


              for measurement A2 limits are -0.3 to 0.3 due to which unit 121 passed but 122 failed, so only 121 taken in reference unit


              now suppose for test B meaurement B1 and B2 both passes hence unit 121 and 122 taken in referenec unit





              Hope now u can understand the problem..


              Please let me know if any further clarification required.




              • Need help to sort out a critical problem.
                sushil kumar

                Any Clue ?? Any Idea ??


                Please Share