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    Fetchig all selected data

      In some extensions example I found next code, but seems it works not on all data, but only on the one page of data:


      function updateData(component) {

          if (frameloaded) {

              // Cycle Through the data      

              var sectors = [];

              for ( var i = 0; i < component.Data.Rows.length; i++) {

                  // get the row

                  var row = component.Data.Rows[i];


                      name : row[0],








      My question: how do I fetch all further pages of data in order to show it in my extension?



        • Fetchig all selected data
          Alexander Karlsson

          Hello Vladimir,


          As default the extension are exposed to 30(?) rows of data.

          In your definition.xml file you increase this to suit your needs. Edit the PageHeigth property.


          <ExtensionObject Label="MyExtension" Description="MyExtensionDescription" PageHeight="20000">