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    Ticketing when Linux authenticates the user

    Bill Karp



      I have a situation where a Linux web server is validating the user and checking the credentials.   From there, the Linux Web server gives the user a link to a QlikView document.


      When the user clicks on it, the Linux web server needs to gtet a ticket.    All good so far, I understand how to get the ticket code and such.


      But, I have some questions.   One is how can the Linux web server be part of the QlikView Server  Administrators Group. I'm assuming they can't.    In that case, what options are available for the Linux machine to get a secure ticket (so that I don't have to open the QVS up to give tickets out to anyone).   In older versions of QVS (8.2, 8.5?) there was an option to allow for a specific IP address to be configured into the QVS to allow that one IP address machine to request a ticket.   Is this still the case with QV10 and QV11 &/or is there another method?      If the IP address is the method, do you know where to specify the IP address?Thanks

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          Bas Knol

          I have never tried to get a ticket from a linux machine, but since there isn't any other answer given...I will give it a try.


          Can you provide some more information about your network architecture?

          Do you use a Linux web server and a Windows QlikView server?

          How do you run the QlikView web server, as a windows service or using IIS?


          For ticketing you can create a local windows user account on the QlikView Server.

          Make it a member of the QlikView Administrators group.

          Pass the credentials of this user when requesting a ticket from the linux server.


          As far as I know there is no option in QVS to allow one IP address to request a ticket.

          You can use IP restrictions if QlikView Webserver is running in IIS.

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            Vasco Rodrigues

            Hi All,


            I have done it before... I don't have a code with me but you are getting the concept wrong.


            There is a two phase process. First you have to identify yourself in Qlikview saying that you are the userX and that user is part of the Qlikview Admin Group. After that you ask for a ticket for the userY.


            Then what is going on is that with the ticket process Qlikview Server will only see if the request code have the NTNAME for a user that is in the Qlikview Admin group. If that is correct we will give a ticket for the NTNAME requested. There is not checking directly about the "linux user" but the user that is in the request code, that is way using this process is the developer that needs to have the responsability of managing the Qlikview Access. To avoid "tricks" with this process only one session is allowed for each user (offcourse) .


            Tell me if this help you or you would like further information. 

            Best regards,



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              As well as ticketing you could use HTTP header authentication instead. The Linux web server would act as a reverse proxy server and add the authenticated user name into the HTTP header of the requests made to the QV Server