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    Calculated Dimension to Create Groups

      I am new to Qlikbook and I am having difficulty returning the correct sum of the quantity sold by customer.  I am trying to break the quantity purchased by customer into brackets (<12, 12-19, 20-29, etc) by Year.




      I am using the following Dimensions - Calculated Dimension, Year


      Here is the calculated dimension expression that I created. (QVOF = Quantity)


      =If((QVOF<12),'<12',If((QVOF>=12 and QVOF<20),'12-19',If((QVOF>=20 and QVOF<30),'20-29',If((QVOF>=30 and QVOF<40),'30-39',If((QVOF>=40 and QVOF<80),'40-79','80+')))))






      I am then graphing the data by Year


      Do I need to use the AGGR function?