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    Login while using QlikView in Salesforce

    Beat Roos



      We do integrated Qlikview as a Tab in our Salesforce Application. Now, we do have a different handling for the login to QlikView.

      While we are using the AJAX-Client Path it is working without any further login information (single sign on, Client is in the same Domain

      like the QV-Server is).

      But while Using the IE Path there is a login (domain user and Password) needed.


      Can anybody explane me the differnce between this two methods? Why I need to login with IE but not with AJAX? Is there a possibility to connect with IE also without login?


      Thanks for your help!



        • Login while using QlikView in Salesforce
          Gary Strader

          Do you mean "IE Plug-in"?  If so, it connects to the server using QVP (port 4747) while AJAX uses HTTP (port 80).


          If you're talking about AJAX in Firefox vs. Chrome vs. IE, that could be an issue also.  The browsers handle authentication slightly differently and there may also be corporate IT policies restricting automatic login with one or more browsers.

            • Login while using QlikView in Salesforce
              Beat Roos

              Yes. The IE Plug-in is not working with a automatically login.


              It works not with:



              But with:



              So I think the reason is the different Port as you wrote.


              Thanks a lot