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    Immediate help needed

      I have a column name(Y) where I have a list of drugs, now the problem i am facing is------ some four entries are having the first name identical, eg: [X], [X 10%], [X 15%] ,[X 20%]   now whenever i am selecting X, I am getting the same data( line chart) for all entries starting with the name "X".


      I have given the condition in my chart  [  index(getfieldselections(Y), 'X')>0 ]   and so on...................




      Reply as soon as possible






        • Immediate help needed
          Stefan Wühl

          Where do you have given that condition? In a show / calculation / expression condition? As part of an expression?

          If latter, what's the complete expression? What dimensions are you using?


          What do you want to achieve?


          Your condition says: If there is an 'X' anywhere in my selected values from field Y, then TRUE, else FALSE.


          Since I don't know what you want to do, I can't really help you.