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    Block chart color assignments

      I am trying to set colors in a block chart. I want Company A to be blue, Company B to be green and so on.

      I see that you can use if statements however this only gives you a dark shade of the color. Is it possible to pick the the exact color ie RGB (141,90,172)

      = if(Catebgoryl='Fuinancial',Green(),Green())



        • Block chart color assignments

          Yes you can use RGB values, its very close to what you have:


          Only rather than using color functions, just write in the RGB values.



          = if(Category='Documentation',RGB(45,127,89),RGB(45,127,89)) for the first color block for 1-6

          = if(Category ='Other',RGB(141,90,172),RGB(141,90,172)) for the second color block for 1-6 and so on...


          Hope this helps!