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    How to create this sort of chart? (sample QV and picture provided)

      We are running a sea port. We look for a chart to visualize, the occupation of the different docks (Aa,Bb,Cc). If there is a ship (Aa=1) there is a colored point, else (Aa=0) there isn't. The data comes in discrete 1 minute intervalls.


      We would like to plot these different docks on a diagram as follows:

      chart example.PNG

      I've tried the Grid Chart, Scatter Chart and Line Chart, but none of my tries resulted in the desired result. Do you have an idea, how to do this?

      What should I take as dimensions and what should be the expression?


      An additional feature would be the posibility to aggregate by hour/day/week, and show the amount of time as bubble size.


      In other words, it's the visualisation of a table like this (here aggregated by hour):


      Hour Aa    Bb      Cc

      01      0       52      10

      02      23     25      60

      03      25     10      33

      04      0       60      36

      05      12     60      60

      06      60     15      23

      07      5       0        0   

      08      0       0        0

      ...     ...       ...      ...



      I also attached a sample file.