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    Background colur for dimension & expression in the chart

    Srikanth P

      Hi Folks,


      I need to change the background colur for the dimensions & expressions in the chart. This is my senerio.


      I have one List box (Main Listbox - ID), Multi box (ID Type, SUB_ID_Value) & Pivot chart (columns associated with ID and each column shold be associated with one or more columns).


      Suppose I click on the value in the ID list box, the values highlighted in the mutibox & pivot table. But I need to change the back ground colur of the dimensions & expressions if not associated with ID value and ID Type.


      I need to catch the value of the ID Type to change the background colur.


      Please help how to catch the ID Type value of the ID value when I click om the ID List box value. (Note: I didn't select any value in the ID Type)



      Thanks & Regards,