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    Exporting straight  horizontal table to excel



      I'm trying to export a table to excel with expressions and dimensions at the opposite position.

      In this table, there is also some values which used previous ones of other column with this kind of function :



      ((column(5) + rangesum(below(Column(5),1,6)))  + (column(28) + rangesum(below(Column(28),1,6)))  + (column(27) + rangesum(below(Column(27),1,6))) )

      / (column(3) + rangesum(below(Column(3),1,6))) 



      When I tried to export with a straight table, it isn't horizontal.

      I also tried with a pivot table, when I inverted expressions and dimension, expressions with rolling values took only the first one.


      Do you have a solution for this kind of problem?