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    Adding services on other machines

      In section 6.3 of the QlikView Server Reference Manual for QlikView 11 (IR), it says the following:

      "When the services have been installed, it is time to return to QlikView Management Console (QMC) and configure the services. This is done on the System tab. The first step is to add the services..."

      How do I "add the services"?

      I have QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher running on separate machines. How do I add Publisher in QMC?

      Can I do this with Small Business Edition (SBE)?



        • Adding services on other machines
          Ashfaq Mohammed



          Clusturing is only possible with EE.

          As far as I know, it requires a seperate license for that.


          In ordet to change the service go to server. --> QEMC --> system's tab --> select distribution service folder.

          Click on add button and add the service



          http://Your Domain:4720/QDS/Service

          Your domain is the server on which you installed qlikview publisher.


          Hope it help



            • Adding services on other machines

              Is clustering the same as running a distributed environment? My understanding of clustering (which is only available in EE) is that you can run the SAME service on different machines, and have them share licenses and such.


              I am asking about distributing Server and Publisher. Each has its own license; I just want them to run on separate machines. I think this is different than clustering. Do you know for sure that clustering and running Server and publisher on different machines are the same thing?

                • Adding services on other machines
                  Gary Strader

                  Clustering is a different concept than what you're talking about.  Running Server and Publisher on different machines is not clustering.

                  • Adding services on other machines

                    I just spoke to QlikView technical support and they assured me that this is possible with the SBE license. They said I needed to install like so:


                    • Run the installation file on the first machine (this will be the Publisher machine & QMC)
                    • Choose "Custom installation"
                    • Install the following components:
                      • Distribution engine
                      • Directory Services connector
                      • Management Service


                    • Run installation on the second machine (this will be server/webserver)
                    • Choose "Custom installation"
                    • Install the following components
                      • Diretory Services Conenctor
                      • QlikView Server
                      • IIS or QVWS