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    Need an expression that will calculate #of days between dates

      My data is about occupancy for space in a studio.  We measure occupancy by the number of hours used divided by the number of hours available.  The space is always available.  I have a field for date of activity...but that means days of inactivity are not in the data.  I have seen quite a few threads that give me a hint but I want to calculate as an expression based on date range selected.  That is, 2/1/2012 to 2/15/2012 is 15 days at 8 hours a day is the available time.  I have the data on hours used in that period.


      The time available is to be plotted as a line on line chart as upper limit if you will with the usage data bumping up and down by day.  I am trying

      Max(Date) - Min(Date) * count(DISTINCT Rooms) * 8 to calculate the upper limit with no success.  DISTINCT rooms gets at selecting rooms on one floor during a period vs all available rooms in the building.  Also the standard is 8 hours of availability but there are occasions where a room is booked more than once in a day.


      Any help would be appreciated.