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    Strange behaviour in QV

      Hi all.


      I have a strange behaviour in QV 11. When i open my QV-file, after a few seconds the document "flicks" a litte. If I have just opend a propery window for a diagram, the propery window gets "invisible". If I then move my mouse araound, the buttons that are "touched" becomes visible one by one. This is very irritating because it happens all the time. When I change tabs, resize the window or do about anything inside my QV.

      It even happens if i start a new file with no data on at all!

      It happens only in QV. No other program is like this.


      I have a Dell Precision M4500 with a Nvidia Quadro 880 GPU. 3GB ram and a 32 bit Windows XP Professional.


      I have attached a videofile that shows what happens.


      If anyone can help me with this I would be most greatful.


      Thanks in advance.


      /Mats in Sweden