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    Deployment Question

      Hello - our company is just starting a Qlikview pilot.

      In a typical implementation, do end users have flexibility to build their own dashboards or

      do they interact with pre-defined dashboards provided by IT?

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          Logesh Jayaraman



          Provided access to the user will be able to create their own charts.

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            Rob Wunderlich

            Users typically interact only with completed dashboards -- data and UI -- provided by IT or another development team.


            With the "Server Objects" feature turned on (default) end users may create addtional charts or other sheet objects (such as listboxes) in the dashboard using only the data provided in the document. By default, these user created objects are visible only to the user that created them. The user may then explicitly share the object with one or more other userids.


            Creating user objects is usually only done by power users. Typically, the dashboard should provide the common ("Document") objects necessary to satisfy the analysis requirements of most users in the organization.


            A common scenario is that IT or other "data experts" code the script to build the data model. And then they task business power users or analysts with building the Document UI (screen objects) for all users.


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