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    Data load issue - XL generated by Data Query

    Sasi K



      I'm using XL as datasource. I'm using web query to generate the XL. I've a column 'Details' which is spanning across multiple rows. All the remaining columns take only one row. After I load the XL, I observe that only row-1 of the 'Details' field got loaded, leaving all other rows.


      Is there a way to load the 'Details' fully, without missing the info. Let me provide the below example -


      XL#    Num# Name        Details

      ----     -------- --------------- ------------

      1       1       A              Listed in Open Items.

      2                                Created Last Year.


      4                               Closed Yesterday.

      5       2       B             Listed in Closed Items.

      6                               Created Last Week.


      8                               Resolved Yesterday.




      If we cosider the above as my XL data. I want only two rows created in qlik view without loosing any details information.


      Please let me know if you come across any solution for the same. Thanks