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    Set Two Chosen Dates as Variables




      I am trying to do some period-over-period analyses. What I want to do is allow the user to select the two dates that they want to see compared. I have a field that contains four dates that correspond to the end of each quarter of last year. I want to allow the user to choose two of the dates, and I want QlikView to set the two dates as variables so that I can do some calculations on other fields for these dates. The date field contains many duplicates (12/31/10, 12/31/10,..., 3/31/11, 3/31/11,...), just in case that needs to be accounted for, but only four unique values altogether.


      Any help is appreciated.



        • Set Two Chosen Dates as Variables

          Hi David,

          Could you perhaps include a sample of what you are looking for i.e. are getting and am expecting. It sounds like you can do with an amulgamation of maybe a Master Calendar and some nifty Set Analysis, but without knowing exactly what you are after it is difficult to propose a possible solution.

            • Set Two Chosen Dates as Variables

              I'm not sure if it's worth attaching a file as the one I have is huge and likely not helpful. I will if this doesn't clear things up.


              I have several fields. One field, called "Data as of", has four unique dates in it: 3/31/2011, 6/30/2011, 9/30/2011, and 12/31/2011. Each row in the file has one of the four dates attached to it, and each date is repeated ~300 times within the "Data as of" field.


              I want the end user to be able to somehow select two of these dates, preferably from a dropdown menu. I then need to run calculations on just the data corresponding to these dates (percentage change, etc.).



              Thanks for any help.