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    Is there a reversed Subfield function?

    Robert Svebeck

      This is a question regarding a request for a function in the load script that works like the Subfield function, but the other way around.


      Let me explain:


      If I have source data like this:




      Col1  Col2 Col 3
      A;B,C  100 A-10
      A;G;E  200 A-20


      I know how to use the Subfield function to get a table in Qlikview like this:




      Col1  Col2  Col3
      A     100   A-10
      B     100   A-10
      C     100   A-10
      A     200   A-20
      G     200   A-20
      E     200   A-20

      But my question is, can we do it the other way around?

      (Source table is TableB and output from the script is TableA)


      Best Regards