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    How to use where condition when using join

      Hi All,


      There are two tables call “item ” and “Working Hours ”. I want to join these table using QlikView.

      I want to calculate the number of hours with in the dates ofMax_date and Min_date.

      In sql I think write a join statement like this.



      tables are



      Item :      factory, Max_date,Min_date, Team

      WorkingHoures:    date, factory, hours, Team




      Select   item.* ,sum(hours)

      From     item I

      Inner join   Working Hours WH

      On  I.factory =  WH. factory     and        I.Team = WH.Team

      Where    I.Max_date   > =   WH.date  >= I.Min_date


      How I solve this kind of problem in QlikView.

      Thanks , Im waiting your answers .