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    Using pivot cells in formulas?



      I want to create a simple variance cell in a pivot table showing the difference between active rates. I can easily do this in Excel but I'm finding this difficult in Qlikview. I'm a new user so sorry if I'm missing an easy soluition.


      Example table below:


      Good Claim StatusPoor Claim Status
      Time Lapse Element Active Active RateElement Active Active Rate% pt diff (poor vs. good)
      1 mth122,06596.1%14,72195.8%-0.29%
      2 mth119,84294.4%14,34793.4%-0.98%
      3 mth117,83192.8%14,01591.2%-1.56%


      Claim Status (include multiple categories) & Time Lapse are the Dimensions.

      The %pt diif (poor vs. good) is the field I'm trying to calculate.


      Thanks in advance