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    Showing summary in a hierarchy

      Hi ,


      I am new to Qlikview and I have a hierarchy Nation->Region->District->Territory

      I want to show the details on basis of user authentication.So if a user from district level logs in i want to show the summary of the Nation and Region to which he belongs and the details of the territory under him.I have created a drill down group.when i use it in a straight table it only shows the first level in the hierarchy and on selecting it drills down.I want to show all the levels in the table in this format.

      Geography   |  Sales

      nation          |  Sales summary

      region          |  Sales summary

      district         |  Sales summary

      territory1      |  Sales Summary

      territory2      |  Sales Summary      

        • Showing summary in a hierarchy

          Use two columns in the fact table instead of having a geog table.


          Geog_Level  Geog_ID

          Region          A

          District          A1

          Territory       A12


          Apply Section Access as


          User, Password, Geog_ID

          RepA,Pass, A

          RepA, Pass, A1

          RepA, Pass, A12


          Problem : You will end up rolling up your data at each geog level and multiple your records drastically. In an application in my experience we ended up rolling to the point where QV components started complaining about insufficient memory and the whole approach got scrapped.


          Any body else have a better idea please let me know too.