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    Calculation Based on a Specific Selection

      Dear All,

      In the attached file I need to create a calculation which depends on the selection of Veri_Tipi field. In the Veri Tipi field there are 6 different values as below:




      The Block Time values are avialable for A and S selections just until today.


      For the other selections block time value is avialable for the whole year or month.


      In "Detaylı Liste" chart you can see the dates with Block Time Value , Number of Vehicle and Utilization Hour for A selection of Veri_Tipi. The utilization hour expression takes the zero block time values into consideration so the result is 06:02 for March 2012. But it should not take consider zero values for the utilzation hour expression so the result should be 12:25 as you can see the attached excel file (The_Real_Result.xlsx).


      The same problem is also valid for S selection on Veri_Tipi field.Hope to hear you soon.


      Best Regards,