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    Help Please - Use Specific Value in Expression

      I have a list box with 3 items in it loaded from a table as so:






      I would like to create an expression where I display dates that only correspond to one of the items in the list box.

      Straight Table currently displays the below regardless of item number selected:

      Item1   1/2/2012

      item2    2/2/2012

      item3    3/2/2012

      I only want to upon selecting item1 in my listbox to update the Straight Table to show only Item1 and associated date as listed below. How do i do this.

      Item1   1/2/2012

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          Tresesco B

          Hello,  what you want is expected to happen automatically provided your data model is correct. therefore have a look at your model.


          script should be something like:





                 ITEM & '  ' &DATE as ItemDate

          From .....table1;


          now for this table, if you select item1 under ITEM, your ItemDate list would show only "Item1 1/2/2012".



          Regards,  tresesco