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    I want to hide text object based on the values from the list box

    Uday Kumar



      i have one list box and one text object.

      i have values like Market and Product in the list box and when i select either of one value or both the values.

      i want to hide the text object. the text object should be visible only when nothing is selected in the list box.

      how i can write the condition to show and hide the text object?

      i am using the below condition to show the text object


      =(Dimension.DimensionName<>'Market' and Dimension.DimensionName<>'Product')


      but this expression is working like, when we have not selected anything, the text object is visible and even when both are selected.

      but i want to hide it, when Dimension='Market' or Dimension='Product' or Dimension equal to both Market and Product.

      It should be visible only when both are unselected. so how i can achieve this?