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    Section access from regional , district managers and territory sales rep

      Hi All,


      The problem i am facing now is that my dashboard has an alignment table and a metric table.


      So the alignment table is in the format




      The Fact table is in the form


      ZipQuantityCost Per Price


      Now i am rolling the data based on the Zip join for the quantity and sales made.


      The problem is that my client wants the follow requirements:


      Each Sales Rep should be able to see his territory data.

      His parent district data.

      Should not see his peer territory data

      See his parent region data

      See the national data.


      So sales rep of A12 should not see A13 sales but is allowed to see A1's data.


      How do i go about this? Have read about section access but still not able to come to an approach.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.