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    Distribution Log file won't stop writing GBs of info



      We upgraded from QV10 SR1 to QV10 SR4 a week ago.  Since then, the distribution log file (found in ProgramData\QlikTech\DistributionService\1\Log) won't stop generating loads of data.  It's the Root file in that directory that is the worst, and seems to be generating up to 4GB of log data a day.  This is causing us some performance problems and having to ensure the drive doesn't keep running out of space.


      We obviously don't want this logging and have tried to stop it.  So far in QEMC we've switched the logging on the distribution service to "No Logging" (it was on debug logging before that) and changed the logging of the Service service to Normal.  We're restarted all the services and the server after these changes, but nothing seems to stop it!


      Any ideas?  Are we missing a logging switch somewhere to turn this off?