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    Export to excel



      How can i export the object data to excel file at access point.


      Is there possiblity to expoet to excel file at access point through any type i.e either with macro code also enough for me.

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          When i check option to send to excel file. It is working fine but when i use to export the excel file with macro code it is not working..


          Sub ExportImageInfo

          Set Chart = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH396")

          Set P = Chart.GetProperties


          End Sub

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              m w

              I don't see anything wrong with your code.


              Do you really have a chart with ID CH396?


              Do you get an error?

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                  Thanks to respond me...


                  I've particular ID with object. It is working fine at desktop.


                  Sorry for late response.

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                      m w

                      Are you using the IE Plugin or Ajax?


                      If using the IE plugin, do you have macro security set to System Access? Shift+Ctrl+M

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                          Ya i've already given it..


                          One more functionality also not working at ASP.


                          I'm creating BM through macro code with button action.


                          Button 1 action:


                          sub BM1

                                      ActiveDocument.RemoveDocBookmark "BM01"

                              ActiveDocument.CreateDocBookmark false, "BM01"

                          end sub


                          This code is working fine at desktop and access point.


                          To retrive the created BM i'm using below code in another button.


                          sub BM2

                            ActiveDocument.ClearAll false

                            ActiveDocument.RecallDocBookmark "BM01"

                          end sub


                          This code is working fine at desktop but not at access point




                          How can i apply created BM at ASP.


                          Please give a way for this. B'coz it is very urgent for me.


                          I've tried almost all codes which are there in API guide. But it is not working.