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    .NET and SSO: adding headers to a page to login


      I've been working on the QvAjaxZfc solution of the IIS Qlikview installation.

      I want to have single sign on between sharepoint (or any given .NET app) and Qlikview.


      What I did:

      I created a "validate.aspx" file and added the following code on the codebehind:





      As it didn't work, I also tried this:


      NameValueCollection headers = HttpContext.Current.Request.Headers;




      And that didn't work neither.


      I always get a "Login Failed" message.


      • Do you have any clue (or any documentation available) regarding how to do this?
      • Is there any other / alternative way of doing it?
      • How are the people that are doing SSO integration with qlikview doing it?


      Thanks for your help !