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    My Google Map is too static

    Dominique Horemans

      Hi all,

      I am fresh at QlikView. I have followed the Designer Course last week and would like to build an application that integrates Google Maps. After browsing through different posts and in different example files, I still cannot have my copy work. I have attached my example, build in a personal edition however. Can anyone point out what is wrong with my file?

      Thanks in advance!

        • My Google Map is too static
          Erich Shiino

          Hi, Dominique.

          Since you are using personal edition, I will not post your example back, but please, check the number format of your 'Longitude'.


          You can try this:create a new table box and include the fields: Inwoners, Latitude and Longitude.

          You will see that the field Longitude was not recognized as a number, but as a text due to the dot as the separator.


          You can try to fix it at the souce, or use num# to force the interpretation of your number. using num#() function:


          num#(Longitude, '#,##.##', '.', ',')


          Your load script would look like this (more or less) :


          LOAD Plaats,



               num#(Longitude, '#,##.##', '.', ',') as Longitude,







          (biff, embedded labels, table is Vakantieplaatsen$);


          Hope this helps,



            • My Google Map is too static
              Dennis Hoogenboom

              Hi Dominique


              Erich is right it has something to do with the number format.
              As you can see in your data, your Latitude has comma's and your Longitude has dots.

              If Enrich's solution is not working try to play around with the following in your load script:


                  Replace(Latitude   , ',' ,  '.' ) as Latitude,

                  Replace(Longitude , ',' ,  '.' ) as Longitude


              This will replace the comma's for dots.

              Or the other way around (depending on your settings):


                  Replace(Latitude   , '.' ,  ',' ) as Latitude,

                  Replace(Longitude , '.' ,  ',' ) as Longitude




              Mocht het niet lukken laat het dan even weten.