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    Export to Excel Problem

    Paul Nockolds

      Hi All


      I have a 2 column listbox within a container.  The listbox has 13 linked objects.


      The field column is an expression that is based on a variable:  =($(=vJobTitleList))     (NB The show frequency checkbox is greyed out)


      The expression is also based on a variable:  =$(vUserCount)       


      None of these export efforts work....

      When i click on the little XL symbol absolutely nothing happens.

      When i right-click > copy to clipboard possible values > paste into excel - it only pastes the first column and not the usercounts column

      When i right-click > Export... > and choose an xls file type > click save > nothing happens - no file is even created

      When i right-click > Export... > and choose a csv file type > click save > only the first column is saved in the file again no usercounts column

      When i right-click > Send to Excel > absolutely nothing happens.


      I am assuming it's a limitation of having variables behind the field and/or expression!?  I have another listbox within the same container that does NOT have an expression based variable in the field part and that exports fine.


      I am now thinking that some sort of macro might be in order although i'm trying to avoid there use as much as possible for performance reasons.  My other alternative might be to re-work the listbox to avoid the variable based expressions?!


      Anyone had this kind of problem before?


      Any ideas appreciated.




        • Re: Export to Excel Problem
          Paul Nockolds

          Well having trawled through every relevant post i could lay my mouse on it would appear other people have similar problems but none quite match my scenario.



          • I've cloned the listbox and removed it from the container which in turn unlinks it from the other related objects.
          • I've changed the field behind the cloned listbox to the specific object (rather than the dynamics of the previous expression/variable approach which as nice as it is i don't think containers/listboxes are ready for it yet) on that dashboard sheet.
          • I've hidden the object behind another one on the same sheet.
          • I've added a button to the sheet that will export the hidden listbox to excel.  It's a fairly simple listbox and a one line macro (Call ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("MyListBoxName").SendToExcel()) so no big performance hit.


          Would have been nice if the original approach worked and presumably as newer versions come out that sort of thing will!?  But all is working nicely now.