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    how can i store a total no of rows of a straight table in a variable?

    sushil kumar

      Hi All,


      I have a straight table. i want to store the no of rows in a variable. how can i achieve this?





        • Re: how can i store a total no of rows of a straight table in a variable?

          One way you could work around this is to create a variable in the script:


          If you had a table named table.

          Let a = NoOfRows('table')


          A more complicated way that doesnt involve the script involves the use of a macro.


          Create a new variable called NoOfRows, leave the definition blank.


          Open up the macro menu and type in the following:


          sub temp


          set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01*")

          ActiveDocument.Variables("NoOfRows").SetContent obj.GetRowCount, true


          end sub


          *Note that you will name this the object ID of whatever your straight table is.


          Now open up settings->Document properties...->OnAnySelect**->Add Actions...->External->Run Macro->Macro name is temp then apply down the list.  Now whenever you make a selection it will store the number of rows from "CH01" or whatever your straight table is into the variable NoOfRows.


          **Keep in mind you can change when the macro gets run for your preferences by defining the same thing for OnOpen, etc..


          I have attached a working .qvw for additional support


          Hope this helps!