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    Can I use double relationships in my data model? Is there any workaround?



      my Access database contains a table which has 2 foreign keys that reference the same primary key from another table.
      For example, let's say I have a table Location, and a table Transport


      Location :

      - (PK) Name_Location


      Transport :

      - (PK) ID_Transport

      - (FK) From_Location    // References Location.Name_Location

      - (FK) To_Location        // References Location.Name_Location

      - Cost_Transport
      - (FK) Item_Transport    // The item shipped, references some other table


      As you can imagine, my table Transport holds where the shipping starts and where it ends (From and To)


      But since QlikView makes association only using exact name strings, and that I cannot have the same field name twice (how could I tell which one is FROM and which is TO anyway?), this won't work when I want to integrate it in QlikView, right?

      I can still modelize my database otherwise if there is any other good solution, but I really wish I could do it this way (to me it seems the best/most simple way...)


      Thanks for reading