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    Result selection - Need Help!

    Damian Spyra

      Hi all,


      i have follow issue:


      I have patient data, with correspondent medical orders and belonging checkup results.

      One single test can have two different result classes.

      Data structure:


      Order ID,     Test ID,     Result class,      Result

           0               1               MHK                10                  

           0               1                  A                  15

           0               2               MHK                12

           0               3               MHK                11

           0               4                  A                  15



      What I'm trying to do, is to determine if there exists the Result class MHK inside one test. In case of existing MHK class i want to show only MHK Result and "hide" the A Result class. In other case the A Result class should be pointed.


      Thanks for any help!            

        • Result selection - Need Help!
          Henric Cronström

          If you want to do it in the script, then there is a simple solution:


          LOAD [Order ID], [Test ID], [Result class], Result FROM Sourcetable

               WHERE [Result class]='MHK';


          LOAD [Order ID], [Test ID], [Result class], Result FROM Sourcetable

               WHERE not Exists([Test ID]);

            • Result selection - Need Help!
              Damian Spyra

              Hello Henric,


              thank you for your idea, it works well.


              I've been thinking about my issue. If i make it in script, i will lose the possibility to have/show both Result information  if required. It would be interesting to solve this problem statement with for example an set analysis formula.


              I'm not sure if it's possible.