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    Access Denied to this QlikView Document

    Uday Kumar



      I have applied section access to my qlikview document.

      i have applied row level security.

      i have one list box by name 'flag', and i have created inline userid and password.

      below is the section access script which i have used


      Section Access;

      LOAD * INLINE [


          Admin, abroker, abroker

          User, acost, acost

          User, breed, breed

          User, brotter, brotter

          User, sallsop,sallsop

          User, samo, samo


      Section Application;



      LOAD * Inline [

      USERID, flag

      acost, 1

      breed, 2

      brotter, 3

      sallsop, 0

      samo, 12




      when i save and open the document by using some user credentials like acost and acost, then am getting this error 'Access Denied to this QlikView Document'.

      i dont know why am getting this error. i saw some video about security in qlikview community and implemented same, but also am getting this error.

      am using qlikview 11.

      can anyone help me out in this issue?